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STONESCREEN Aerolite panels are engineered to maximise low weight with high strength ratio.

Using a combination of cellular glass reinforced with layers of glass and carbon fibre produces a very high strength and low weight substrate which is faced with a thin veneer of natural or artificial Stone.

The glass foam is manufactured from 100% Industrial waste from the ceramics industry and so as well as using 100% recycled raw materials it is cleaning up industrial waste dump sites. The manufacturing of foam glass is controlling and clearing these waste products. Foam glass can be recycled indefinately.


Key Characteristics of STONESCREEN Aerolite panels

  1. Waterproof

  2. Pest-proof

  3. High Compressive and Flextural Strength

  4. Non-Combustible Classifiction according to EN 13501:A1

  5. Impervious to Air and Vapour as it consists of hermetically seale glass cells.

  6. Dimensionally stable - doesn't shrink, bow or swell and has very low co-efficient of thermal expansion very similar to stone.

  7. Resistant to solvents and acids.

  8. Easy to Cut.

  9. Ecologocal - Free of any environmentally damaging flame retardents and no relevent eco-toxic components.


Key Advantages of STONECREEN Aerolite panels

  • High dB Reduction of sound transmission

  • High Fire Resistance Non Combustable.

  • Not affected by heat, cold or water or frost.

  • Extremely durability and long lasting product.

  • Slim wall thickness (to maximise useable floor area).

  • Can be slim cladding panels 25mm thick

  • Can be structural panels 105mm thick, spanning full storey height (similar to precast concrete panels).

  • Does not corrode.

  • Long Design Life.

  • Fast and easy to install.

  • Lower cost than aluminum honeycomb core.


Aerolite Close up
Whits Art Marble 2
Bath Stone Stonescreen Aerolite
travetine samples (2)
Structural Stonescreen Aerolite 1
Granite Aerolite 1

STONESCREEN Aerolite panels are a composite construction with a foam glass core. As the foam glass is a solid material it provides a large surface area for bonding to the stone laminate. This enable 100% bond contact and a significantly higher bond strength then to a honeycomb core.


STONESCREEN Lite panels are a composite construction with an aluminium honeycomb core. This aluminium honeycomb provides a much smaller area of bond contact with the stone laminate. The bond relies on a small fillet. The bond is also more dependent on resin viscosity, temperature, vacuum etc.


We therefore recommend that STONESCREEN Aerolite for panels of large dimensions and in harsh enviroments of high wind loads etc.

STONESCREEN Lite is used in small format panels or internally only.



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