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Advantages of STONESCREENLITE  V  Conventional Stone Cladding methods

Environmental Impact

Uses between 5-10% of the stone used by conventional solid stone cladding.

Reduces quarrying and transportation.

Aluminium element of the composite panel is 100% recycleable


Design Impact

Enables the design of large panels up to 1200mm x 2400mm.

Much larger than permitted for solid Stone.

90% lighter than solid stone therefore reduced load on structure.


Construction Impact

Avoids mechanical lifting.

Dry fit installation.

Installation approx 5 times faster than conventional stone cladding.

Safer to install and Safer when installed.

No point stress loading onto the stone as with conventional dowel fixings.

Prefabcricated precision engineered installation avoids requirement for trained stonemasons to install, can be installed by general cladding installers.



Lower labour cost to install

Lower transportation costs

The higher the cost of the Natural stone the more cost effective STONESCREENLITE panels.


High Strength and Durability

High flextural strength means larger panels can be used.

High impact resistance. Stone will remain bonded to the panel even under high impact load.



Reports of conventional stone cladding failures are common occurance.

Stone has weak tensile strength and failure can occur when fixing connections to stone panels are stressed due to building movements, microcracks within the stone or poor workmanship.

STONESCREENLITE panels avoid these potential failures.



Natural stone can bow under thermal stresses. These thermal suface stress can cause permanent deformation in the stone panel. This occurance is called Hysteresis.

The deformation can result is stresses occuring within the stone panel and is fixings leading microcracks and eventual failure.

STONESCREENLITE  panels are completely stable and therefore Hysteresis s and potential panel failure is avoided.



STONESCREENLITE panels have been extensivley tested.

Including Mechanical and chemical tests.

Testing for strength, durability and accelerated aging. 



"The advantages of STONESCREENLITE over conventional solid stone cladding are so

overwhelming we wonder why anyone would would choose conventional stone cladding again"



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