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STONESCREEN are leaders in the innnovation of curtain wall, cladding and rainscreen technology.                       

The State of the Art in Stone Cladding technology

STONESCREEN produce a range of light weight stone faced composite panels. 

The main products being STONESCREEN Aerolite TM and STONESCREEN Lite TM

 Calibrated manufacture   -   Precision engineered installation systems   -   Panels can be produced Flat or curved,   convex or concave   -   Panel Weight only 15-20 Kg/M2  Fast & Safe construction  -  BS Fire Classification Class 0 

STONESCREEN Lite is our original light weight stone cladding product.

This architectural cladding panel is contructed using an aluminium honeycomb substrate and faced with a thin laminate of natural or artificial stone.

Aluminium honeycomb was original developed for use in the aerospace industry for its combination of strength, durability and low weight.

Our Natural stone honeycomb panels are composite panels made up of a thin natural solid stone veneer reinforced with an aluminum honeycomb backing. Natural stone veneer + Aluminum sheet / Fiber glass sheet + Aluminum honeycomb core + Aluminum sheet / Fiber glass sheet.

Stonescreen Lite has considerable advatages over traditional solid stone cladding. Lower Cost, Lower weight, Shorter programme, safer installation. The particluar advantage of STONESCREEN LITE is that the panels can be formed curved either convex or cancave.

STONESCREEN Aerolite is the  light weight stone cladding product  which is a Patented Design by STONESCREEN.

This panel is recommended for all applications including large dimension panels for external and internal use.

This product has further advanced light weight stone cladding technology. It has significant further benefits including lighter than STONESCREEN LITE, stronger, higher bond strength, impervious to water vapour, Fire proof (does not burn), has high thermal insulation properties, high acoustic insulation properties. Easy to cut. Has solid stone feel (feels solid not hollow). Dimensionslly stable in high temperatures.

STONESCREEN Aerolite is recommended for most applications due to its higher performance and workability.

We recommend STONESCREEN Lite when curved panels are required.


              Rosewood Hotel, Bangkok

            Architect: Kohn Pedersen Fox 

STONESCREEN Aerolite cladding to Rosewood, Bangkok

Gascoyne beige and blue Limestone, with honed and bush hammered surface finishes.The building is actually two structures housing the hotel rooms joined by glass-fronted platforms that house the hotel's amenities. Kohn Pedersen Fox


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